Student Bundle


This box is for all of the students or young adults living by themselves. Unfortunately, the majority of the UK is in lockdown and many uni students are in quarantine so this box has all the essentials at a special price. You can now shop affordably and be sustainable!

By buying this box you can make any types of recipes! Make sure to tag us and use hashtag #EatFreshDoGood to see all your delicious recipes to be featured!

10% of your purchase goes towards Food Bank, Vulnerable resistants affected by COVID-19 and NHS.

For more information see our About page and Donate page!

Eat Fresh, Do Good!


This Student Bundle contains:

  • Tilda Pure Rice Original Basmati (Gluten Free) 500g 
  • De Cecco Cavarappin no.87 500g 
  • Andrex Toilet tissue x4
  • Nescafe Original Coffee 100g
  • Pot Noodle Chicken & Mushroom Flavour 90g (egg, celery and mustard) 
  • Maryland Choc Chip cookies 200g (soya, milk) 
  • Walkers Ready salted 25g (milk wheat, gluten, barley, soya, celery, mustard) 
  • Bold 2in1 Lavender Chamomile 700ml 
  • Vegetable oil 1L 100% Rapeseed oil 
  • Spaghetti 1000g 
  • Ragu Bolognese sauce original Chunky 100% Natural Ingredients 500g 
  • Brain Flakes 500g 16 bowl (wheat, barley) 
  • Fairy washing up liquid  433ml
  • Heinz Benz in a rich tomato Sauce 414g 
  • Tomato Ketchup 500ml 
  • Cup a Soup with Croutons Chicken & Vegetables 110g (Contains Wheat, Milk, Barley)
  • Smash The original instant mashed potato 176g serves 6


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