Cake Box


Our cake box contains a mixture of baking items you can use to make cakes and other desserts. Photo is for promotional use only. Items may vary depending on stock availability.

With every purchase your contribution goes towards fighting food waste, food poverty and food insecurity and supporting food banks.



Why buy from Shop & Donate?

Many supermarkets and farms in the UK produce tonnes of food that will get rejected for the reason that this produce is “ugly.”

Besides helping to feed others, your box is packed full of fresh, food surplus, that could have otherwise gone to waste.

Wasting food = wasting water. It’s as simple as that. When you throw away a carrot or potato you are also throwing away all the resources that went into making it. Water plays a major role in food production, and as a result, food waste translates to an enormous amount of water wastage.

By purchasing one of our boxes you are actively providing a meal for those in need in your city. We work with food banks to help those in need of a hot and healthy meal to gain access to it.

And save loads of Money by buying through Shop & Donate!


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