Delivery Information

Where we deliver

Currently, Shop & Donate deliveries throughout the whole of London! We are planning to expand in the future but if you would like to become a regular customer and you live in the UK, please contact us to arrange this.

Delivery Fee?

We charge £2.99 for deliveries in London. If you live outside London, the delivery charge may vary.

When we do Delivery?

If you’re based in London, we provide deliveries from Mon – Friday.

Time slots available from 8 am – 4 pm.

If you live outside London then we don’t provide time slots and aim to delivery your chosen products 2-3 days in 1st class. 

Contact Free Delivery

We have guidelines for our deliveries to provide the safest service for our customers. We make sure there’s a safe distance delivering your product and we wear PPE while delivering. Eg; masks and gloves.

We will notify you when your order is on the way.

Please let us know if you are not in and if we can leave it somewhere safe.


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